‘Surfing for a Greener Future’ Mural for The Body Shop
"Jauh Di Mata, Dekat Di Hati” For Luce Festival 2023
“Vibrant Tapestry” for Calle Libre Festival 2023
"Beauty in Unity" for Urban Act 2023
“Sea, Sun, and Stories” for Saladina Festival 2023
"Woven Dreams" For Tangi Street Art Festival 2023
Wall Collaboration w/ NascaOne. Bali, 2023.
"Spontaneous" - Penang, Malaysia
"Gotong Royong" for Baladk Street Art Festival 2022
"Warm Embrace" for Vyronas Street Art Festival 2022
"Flexibility" for ibug Festival 2022
Train Station Mural in Leuven, Belgium
"My Comfort Zone" for Meeting of Styles, Indonesia
Experiment Mural - Bali, Indonesia
"I'm All Ears" Mural for IPAF in Cape Town, SA
"Questo Giorno" Mural in Pompei, Italy
"Kedi" Mural in Istanbul, Turkey
"Cratere" Mural for Stabia Street Art Festival 2021
The Thermopolium - 2021
Tropical Mural in Goa, India
Flying Bird - 2021
Fish Mural in Goa, India
Surfboard Painting
"The Good Sense" Mural in Goa, India
"Bloom" Mural for St+Art India
“Beauty of The Sea” Mural in Goa India
Golden Sunset - 2020
Bag's City Mural - 2019
Dojo Mural - 2019
Utusan Sosial Mural - 2019
The Hornbill Mural - 2019
On Off Festival - 2019
Hyatt Regency Bali - 2018
Up Side Mural - 2018
Ruang Komunal - 2018
Discover Your Story - 2017
Kind Comment Campaign - 2017
Nescafe Kickstart -2017
Giordano Indonesia - 2017
Facebook Office - 2017
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