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This mural features a young girl sheltered under a massive leaf umbrella, within a giant pot that represents the district's multicultural tapestry. Warm tones of purple, green, and orange reflect the diversity and vibrancy of Ottakring. Above the pot, a small vessel brimming with local produce symbolizes the culinary delights of the district. This stunning design celebrates Ottakring's past while showcasing its present and future ❤️
I had an absolute blast at @callelibre this year. I had the pleasure of meeting numerous amazing, kind souls radiating positive vibes and good influence.

 A huge thank you goes out to Laura, Jacob, Rici, Konsti, Nico, and the entire team for putting together this incredible festival with its wild parties and boundless energy. Meeting new friends from all corners of the world at Calle Libre has brought me immense joy. Once again, thank you for the cherished memories, the uplifting vibes, the warm hugs, and everything in between. Looking forward to crossing paths again! ❤️🔥

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