Yessi Nur Mulianawati, also known as Yessiow, is a mural artist and illustrator from Bali, Indonesia. Her love of art began at a young age, and she has developed her skills and career as a mural artist since 2013. In 2014, Yessiow started her graphic design studies at Telkom University in Bandung, Indonesia, and graduated in 2018.
After graduation, Yessiow and her partner Stijn decided to live a nomadic lifestyle abroad and take advantage of opportunities to paint murals in countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Turkey, South Africa, Italy, and more. Her work is heavily influenced by her love of ancient greek pots, natural objects and bright colours. The pot shapes she incorporates into her art serve as symbolic representations of her comfort zone, allowing her to narrate the stories of the communities she collaborates with or places she painted in. She often explore themes of diversity and the empowerment of women, particularly in relation to the celebration of different skin tones. She loves to see her murals become a part of the daily lives of local communities and is always immersed in the activities of the people who pass by her art every day.
Festivals and Interventions:
2023   Blank Walls Studio Mural Intervention  Perth, Australia
2023   Luce Art Festival  San Pietro Magisano, Italy
2023   Calle Libre Street Art Festival  Vienna, Austria
2023   Urban Act Mural Project  Athens, Greece
2023   Saladina Street Art Festival  Mallorca, Spain
2023   Tangi Street Art Festival  Bali, Indonesia
2022   Baladk Street Art Festival  Amman, Jordan
2022   B-Murals Street Art Intervention  Barcelona, Spain
2022   Vyronas Street Art Festival  Athens, Greece
2022   ibug Street Art Festival  Flöha, Germany
2022   All About Things Intervention  Leuven, Belgium
2022   International Meeting of Styles Karanganyar, Indonesia
2022   International Public Art Festival Cape Town, South Africa

2021   Stabia Street Art Festival Castellamare di Stabia, Italy
2021   Pompei Street Art Festival Pompei, Italy
2021   Kannagi Street Art Festival - St+Art Chennai, India
2019   Kaalo 101 Art Intervention Kathmandu, Nepal
2018   Rurung Gallery Mural Festival Bali, Indonesia
2018   On Off Festival Jakarta, Indonesia
2017   BeKraf Mural Festival Bandung, Indonesia
Solo Exibition:
2023  Between The Handles  Perth, Australia

2023  Bhineka Tunggal Ika Collective Exibition  Jakarta, Indonesia
2023  Tangi SAF Collective Exhibition  Bali, Indonesia
2022  Kopi Togetherness - Museum National Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia
2019   Utusan Sosial Exhibition Bali, Indonesia
2019   Arc Of Bali Bali, Indonesia
2018   Equinox Exhibition Bristol, England
2018   DKV Act Surakarta, Indonesia
2018   All The Small Things 2 Jakarta, Indonesia
2017   BeKraf Fest Exhibition Bandung, Indonesia
2017   All The Small Things Jakarta, Indonesia
2017   Kaya Kayu Exhibition Bandung, Indonesia
2017   Redbull Doodle Art Exhibition Jakarta, Indonesia
2016   Eggshibition Jakarta, Indonesia
2016   Lupa Rupa Exhibition Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2016   Art Space Exhibition Jakarta, Indonesia
 2023   Co-Founder of Tangi Street Art Festival @Tangistreetartfest
 2021    Founder & Editor of Street Art Calls @streetartcalls
 2012    Founder of Full Of Doodle Art Community Indonesia
Selected clients:
Meta, Starbucks, Teh Botol Sosro, Astra, Fore Coffee, Traveloka, Meiji, Museum Nasional Indonesia, All About Things, International Planned Parenthood Federation European Network, Johnson & Johnson, Neutrogena, Hyatt Regency Bali, Prambors Indonesia, Nescafe Indonesia, etc.
Represented in Indonesia by: Mahavisual
in The US and EU by: Owl Illustration Agency
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