“Woven Dreams”

For Tangi Street Art Festival 2023
Wall location: Jalan Imam Bonjol No. 164 Denpasar

, Bali, Indonesia

This mural celebrates the unity and support among women in the male-dominated street art world. Through the depiction of three women braiding each other's hair, the artwork symbolizes the strength and encouragement that women can offer one another. It serves as a reminder for women to pursue their artistic passions fearlessly and make their mark in street art. By reclaiming their space and creating a more inclusive community, women can break barriers, defy stereotypes, and leave a lasting impact on the urban canvas. 
The mural acts as a beacon of empowerment, inspiring women to stay true to their artistic calling and encouraging collaboration and solidarity among female artists. Let this artwork serve as a reminder of the inherent power and creativity within every woman, fostering a world where women's voices and artistic expressions are celebrated and valued.

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This pictures below are the process of my Woven Dreams mural. Enjoy!
Beautifully captured by @_ikwyn @ahimsucks 🔥

Thank you for watching!

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