So happy to have the opportunity to create a mural with The Body Shop Indonesia. This artwork marks my first mural project in 2024. Terima kasih banyak Bu Suzy, Mbak Ismu, Mbak Ida dan Tim The Body Shop Bali, sudah memberi kepercayaan kepada aku dan team ❤️✨
Additionally, thank you to @jeremyangusf_ for capturing the full process of this mural creation 🫶🏼


‘Surfing for a Greener Future’

is a dynamic mural that embodies the fusion of Bali’s surf culture and environmental consciousness. The mural’s focal point features a dynamic girl, artfully surfing within my signature pot, while holding a refill bottle from The Body Shop. Adorned with intricate Balinese ornament patterns, inspired by the island’s rich fabric traditions, it symbolises respect for local heritage and adds depth to the composition. The chosen colour palette signifies the vital connection between nature and sustainability, serving to underline the mural’s central message of responsible choices, in perfect alignment with The Body Shop’s mission
Thank you for watching!
 ✷ ✷ ✷
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