In March 2021, Goals4Girls and Everpress asked me to make a design for their campaign called Togetherness Project 2021.

"I think it's important for us as women to gather together rise our voice so that we can be heard. In the illustration I created, following Goals4Girls vision I wanted to show that we can empower and support one another as we deconstruct belief systems, wounds, and walls that have been keeping us from having deep and loving relationships with ourselves and others. Women should speak up to show that we are strong enough and powerful enough to make a change in this world and that we deserve more than what we have and deserve equal rights that men have and women don’t. I also want to show that each individual is special, we have different shapes of body, different skin tones, and try to normalise the diversity and the uniqueness everyone has. "

Initial design
Design evolution 1
Final design
Mock-up design on white and black t-shirt
Thank you for watching!
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