✷ Screen print collaboration with Black Hand Gang Print Studio ✷

"Pelike #1" 

reimagines the ancient Pelike jar as a symbol of our comfort zones. With its distinctive form representing familiarity and security, the Pelike offers a haven. Amidst this ceramic cocoon, a girl emerges as the central figure of the artwork. She is portrayed with meticulous detail, embodying both vulnerability and resilience. This girl, symbolising our inner selves, seeks solace within the Pelike, her personal sanctuary. The artwork prompts reflection on the delicate balance between the safety of the familiar and the potential for self-discovery beyond our comfort zones. This blend of ancient symbolism and contemporary contemplation invites introspection and the courage to explore new horizons.

50 cm x 70cm
Silk Screen Print
Black Hand Gang

Photo by: Black Hand Gang and Jeremy Angus Fadjarai

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