A life they say is a period between birth and death of an entity. It is expectable that you may assume I am referring to the life of a single human, but I urge you to spare a minute and look at the whole microcosm that is our planet earth. Just like you are made up of cells that die and are replaced by other cells, so is our world. The dysfunction of a single cell can produce a lineage that can prematurely end a life; as seen in cancer. In this article, you will see that your existence plays a role in a larger scene and explore how you can engineer your daily habit to maintain a sustainable life, that will not only be beneficial to you but also your environment.
Unsustainability is the character given to anything that can't be maintained or continued indefinitely. Here are a few easy habits to adopt in our daily life to live more sustainably:
Shop local
Opt for locally grown fresh foods. it will be preferable if you can grow them yourself. You don't need to own farmland to do this, little drops make an ocean. All you need is a small garden outside, the right books, blogs or YouTube channels and you will have yourself an organically grown vegetable garden
Eat less meat
No need to panic, we are not suggesting you become a vegetarian, but you should eat more vegetables and less meat. Added to the fact that a plant-based diet reduces your risk of various diseases, with reducing meat consumption, we cam help greenhouse gases produced from animal agriculture
Light it up!
Although you may have little influence on energy dispensation in your workplace or school, this is not the case with your home. Energy-saving lighting options like LightEmitting Diodes (LEDs), halogen incandescent, Compact Florescent lamps (CFLs) uses a significantly reduced percentage of energy. The right choice of lightbulbs will two essential things: Money and The Planet
Bring your own shopping bag!
When in doubt, lean towards an item that can be reused or recycled. By reducing our waste, we cut down the amount of Co2 waste management adds to our atmosphere. When next time you are going grocery shopping, why not take your shopping bag! Cloth totes are durable and can take more pressure than its plastic counterpart. Let's not forget our empty peanut butter jar or milk bottle. Don't underestimate your creativity and think up another way to repurpose.
Save the trees
Ever seen an asthma attack in action? That is what it looks like to have no access to oxygen. Every-time you see a tissue paper or paper towel, remember that's one less tree out there to supply your oxygen. We know you can't stay off these completely but why not choose durable sponges and cotton towels for clean-up and also switch to recycled paper. One last thing, make it a goal to plant a tree. One more tree is all it takes to reduce pollutants such as carbon-dioxide and sulphur-dioxide.
To change the world, start by changing yourself.
You don't need to invent a machine that will reverse all the harmful effects of humans' activity on our environment. You only need to start by making minor adjustments in your daily routine, as stated above. In the words of the noteworthy natural historian, David Attenborough
"A sustainable life for us will begin when we learn to join forces with nature rather than antagonise the very source that maintains our life force".
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