"Between The Handles" 

is a series of work I created during my art residency at Blank Walls Studio. Over one month, I observed, researched, and crafted this series for my first solo exhibition. Drawing inspiration from ancient Greek pottery, I wove narratives mirroring daily life depicted in this ancient art form. The pots symbolize my comfort zone, with elements inspired by my experiences in Perth. Experimenting with various mediums, fabrics, and returning to my mural roots, I combined inspirations from Bali and Perth.


I explored various artistic mediums, including canvases, fabric quilts, and, of course, murals. Over the span of one month, I challenged myself and successfully crafted 13 paintings, an amphora vase, a fabric quilt, and completed a mural—all made possible with the collaborative efforts of my partner, Stijn.
Venturing into a new country, one I had never visited before, provided a unique wellspring of inspiration for my creations. The entire experience was enriched by the welcoming environment and support extended by Blank Walls Studio. I'm truly grateful for the invitation, the dedicated space to bring my ideas to life, and the overall experience❤️

The residency took place from October to November, and the exhibition unfolded from 18th to 23rd November 2023.
✷ Exhibition Opening ✷​​​​​​​
Thank you, Blank Walls Studio, for extending the invitation and providing the canvas for my ideas to bloom. It was a truly enriching experience.
For those eager to delve deeper, a catalog is available upon request. 
Simply reach out to Stijn at stijn@yessiow.com

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