Yessi Nur Mulianawati (Yessiow) is a doodle artist based in Bali, Indonesia. Her love of art began at 5 and she began practising her “doodle art” since 2012. Her portfolio encompasses “doodle art”, mural and digital art. She uses “doodle art” as her preferred medium as she feels her ideas and imaginations are best expressed in the form of creatures and ornaments. Her works are distinctive through her use of bold imagery combined with pastel colors, which has been became her trademark. Aside from being exhibited at various events, she also founded one of Indonesia biggest doodle community in 2012 which has a presence in 10 cities and growing.


1996    Born in Kediri, Java, Indonesia

Lives and work in Bali, Indonesia



2014 – 2018    Bachelor of Design, Visual Communication Design, Telkom University, Bandung

2011 – 2014     Harapan
Senior High School Denpasar, Bali

2008 – 2011
    Sapta Andhika Junior High School Denpasar, Bali

2002 – 2008
    SD Negeri 2 Pemecutan Denpasar, Bali



2018          ARC of Bali, Bali, Indonesia

2018          Equinox Exhibition, Bristol, England

2018          DKV Act Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Surakarta,

2018          All the small things exhibition 2 at Qubicle Center, Jakarta

2017          BeKraf Fest Exhibition, Bandung

2017          All the small things exhibition at Qubicle Centre, Jakarta

2017          Kaya kayu exhibition at The parlor, Bandung

2017          Redbull Doodle Art Exhibition, Jakarta

2016          Eggshibition, Central Park Mall, Jakarta

2016          Lupa Rupa Exhibition, Yogyakarta

2016          Art Space Exhibition, Jakarta

2016          Illunesia Exhibition, Darmstadt, Germany


Awards and Grants

2017           one of featured artist at Instagram #discoveryourstory

2017           second winner Kreacheese Challenge by Richeese Factory

2017           Second Winner Redbull DoodleArt, Jakarta

2017           Speaker for Doodle Art Workshop at Sebangsa, Jakarta

2016           First Winner Mural Competition Mark on paint, Bandung

2016           First Winner Doodle Competition Croodle, Bandung

2016           Second Winner Mural Competition Politeknik Negeri Jakarta

2016           Speaker for Foda Creative Sharing, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2016           Third Winner Sketch Competition, Universitas Muhammadiyah, Jakarta

2015           Speaker for Doodle Art Workshop at Loop Corner, Bogor, Indonesia

2014           Judges at Artnival Doodle Competition, Bali, Indonesia


Commissions and Other Experiences:

2018           Freelance Mural Artist at Allstars and Ismaya Live Jakarta, Indonesia

2018           Freelance Illustrator and Mural Artist at Facebook Indonesia

2017           Freelance Mural Artist at Bekraf Festival, Bandung, Indonesia

2017           Freelance Mural Artist at Nescafe Indonesia

2017           Freelance Mural Artist at Instagram Indonesia

2017           Freelance Mural Artist at Facebook Indonesia

2017           Freelance Mural artist at Instagram Indonesia

2017           Intership at Indovidgram Lab, Jakarta

2016 – 2017                Freelance Illustrator and Doodle artist at Upwork

2015 – 2017                Freelance Illustrator and doodle artist at Fiverr



Cosme, Martin: “Spotted-Yessiow”, Doodle Arts Magazine, May – August 2015, p. 14-15



2017           Instagram Press, “Meet the artist behind #Kindcomments Mural”

2017           #KomenBaik, Kampanye Instagram untuk Bahagia di Medsos,

2017           Kolaborasi 3 Seniman Indonesia Tampilkan Mural #KomenBaik Yang Instagramable,

2017           Yuk, Ikut Digital Campaign #KomenBaik di Instagram!

2017           Bullying di Kolom Komentar di Instagram Udah Kebangetan, #KomenBaik Perlu Dikampanyekan,

2017           Libatkan Tiga Seniman Indonesia, Instagram Gaungkan Mural #Komenbaik,

2016          Doodle itu bukan sekedar corat-coret,

2016          Mengenal karya seni Doodle Art,

2014          Bangun Kesadaran Lingkungan Lewat Kampanye Visual “Doodle Mangrove”,

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